Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with Yelli?

To purchase a Yelli subscription, click on the “Get Started” button in the top right corner. This will launch Yelli, where you can choose "Register New Account." To purchase an account for your venue, click "Subscribe" at the bottom of the screen. Enter your venue's information, then click "Subscribe" to confirm! You will then receive a confirmation email that will contain your admin account activation code. Launch Yelli Web or Mobile and choose “Register New Account” to log in and get started!

Can I set up Yelli on my own?

Yes! Yelli is made to make your life easier. We designed Yelli so that you can get everything set up quickly and easily, and without any help from us. If you do need us, we’re here!

I have an activation code. How do I activate my account?

If you have an activation code and need to activate your account, first launch the Yelli app. From there, choose “Register New Account.” You will be prompted to enter some basic profile information along with the activation code. Click “Register” and you will be good to go!

What if I can’t find the email with my activation code?

If you can’t find the email with your activation code, first look in your junk folder. If it’s not there, ask your manager to send you another email, or contact us directly for help.

What if I’m having trouble activating my account, or logging in to my existing account?

If you are having trouble activating your account or logging in to an existing account, try the following:

  • Make sure you’ve entered the correct username and password.
  • Check that there are no extra spaces before or after the activation code, your username, or password.
  • Reset your password if you forgot it.
  • Contact us if none of the above helps you!

How much does it cost?

$99/month, No set-up costs, No add-ons, No contracts.

Can I use Yelli for multiple venue locations?

No, each subscription is for one physical location. If you have more than one location, please contact us and we’ll make special arrangements!

How many employees can I invite?

You can invite as many employees as you need! No limits, no extra costs.

How do I invite employees?

Once you set up your restaurant, you invite employees to use Yelli by going to the “Roster” page under your Yelli admin or manager account. From there, you choose “Add New Employee.” You will be prompted to enter their name, email address, and team role. Once you submit this form, the employee will receive a confirmation email that includes their activation code to log in.

How do I tell all team members about something new or changed?

Any time you add or change anything within Yelli, your entire team will instantly be notified, right on their mobile device.

How do I update account information?

To update your account information, log in to your admin account. From here, go to the “Settings” tab located under the drop-down menu. At the bottom of this screen, choose “Manage Account.” From here you will be able to update restaurant information and payment options.

What is the difference between admin, manager and employee accounts?

  • Admin Account: This is the primary account for the restaurant, with the highest authorization. We recommend that this account is accessible by either the owner, or the General Manager. This account has access to all features and is the ​only account that can delete manager accounts and change account settings.
  • Manager Account: Can add/change all information, issue tests, schedule training, and add and delete all employee accounts.
  • Employee Account: Can view information, take tests, and complete training. Can also update personal profile information.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, simply go to your settings tab, choose “manage account” and select cancel subscription. We will contact you to confirm the cancellation.

How do I freeze my subscription?

If you have special circumstances and need our help, give us a call and we can work out a solution specific to your needs.