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The Training App For Restaurants

The easiest way to train your team, organize information, and keep everyone up to date.

Your Restaurant,

Yelli was designed by a waitress to make life better for restaurant workers.

Everything your staff needs to do their job, and everything you need to manage them, all in one place.

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How Does Yelli Work?

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The Tools Your Team Needs

Organized Restaurant Details

From uniform requirements and table numbers, to allergy guidelines and safety policies. Everything your team needs to know, all in one place.
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Streamlined Communication

Achieve clear communication with instant messaging and quick access to team member information.
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Intuitive Menu Learning

Improve menu knowledge with food and drink flashcards, and menu tests. If you update your menus, the flashcards and tests will update as well!
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New Hire Training Plans

New hires are automatically assigned their training based on the job role you assign. Plus, track their progress in real time!
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Custom Testing

Customizable testing to help improve knowledge and gauge team efficiency without a fuss.
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Real Time Notifications

Anytime you update material, your team members will be notified. Eliminate the need for repetitive team meetings and unruly email threads.
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