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Say goodbye to bulky employee manuals, and say hello to Yelli - the modern way to train restaurant teams.
The easiest way to train your team, organize information, and keep everyone up to date.
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Your Restaurant,

Yelli was designed by a waitress to make life better for restaurant workers.

Everything your staff needs to do their job, and everything you need to manage them, all in one place.

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Give your team the tools they need to rock every shift

Organized Training Materials

From menu flashcards and steps of service, to uniform guidelines and safety policies. Everything your team needs to know, all in one place.
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Shift Alerts

Achieve clear communication with Shift Alerts. Instantly send a message to everyone on the team with one click, right from your dashboard.
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Intuitive Menu Learning

Improve menu knowledge with food and drink flashcards and menu tests. If you update your menus, the flashcards and tests will update as well.
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New Hire Training Schedules

New hires are automatically assigned their training based on the job role you assign. Plus, track their progress in real time!
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Custom Quizzes

Create multiple-choice format quizzes to help improve knowledge and gauge team efficiency without a fuss.
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Instant Notifications

Anytime you update material, your team members will be notified. Eliminate the need for repetitive team meetings and unruly email threads.
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“I couldn't say enough about how helpful and useful Yelli has been for our company. We are going to expand to more of our venues! The ease of use and the setup was our biggest draw.”

charity customer
Charity S.
Task Director, H. Wood Group

“I love having all of our restaurant info in such an accessible format. It’s really easy to sign new team members up, and old members can stay updated on any changes! My team especially likes the notecard layout of the food and drink items”

company logo
Renne P.
Lead Server, Sueno

“Yelli has been an invaluable resource in preparing my team as we approach in-person training. Its fully customizable interface designed to accommodate the demands of restaurant training has allowed my team to loop in with every detail, especially as we are constantly incorporating new information."

company logo
Ximena L.
General Manager, Divino Ceviche

"If you work in the hospitality industry and want to get your staff properly trained this is the training app you need, you will find out how easy is to set it up, it only took me about 10 min of my busy schedule to figured things out, plus if you ever get stuck or don't understand something you can always get help from them, and they answer in a timely matter."

company logo
Hans P.
Area Director, Green Ridge Hospitality

"I just started at my restaurant and the app is literally amazing! Like every single restaurant should use this!"

testimonial profile image
Lauren A.

"We have been using the Yelli app for a year and believe in its potential to change the way training is performed in restaurants. After 23 years in business, we have continued to try and develop better training and communication for our team members and since discovering Yelli believe that this is what we have been looking for."

testimonial profile image
Tricia F.
Owner, Magnolia Pancake Haus

“100% training of the future...... Yelli was instrumental in taking our team from A to Z with our pre-opening training. We will continue to use Yelli for the valuable real time information it provides to our team in order for them to succeed.”

testimonial profile image
Tom C.
General Manager, MELROSEPLACE

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From your dashboard, navigate to the Roster tab to customize or add new job roles. They will sync throughout your Yelli account to help streamline each departments' training.
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There's a place for everything - menus, steps of service, sidework lists, uniforms, and more. Don't have training materials? Use our Training Material Library to fill in the blanks.
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For each job role in your venue, set day-by-day training plans for new hires to follow. Training will automatically be assigned to them when they log in.
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When your account is set up, invite your team members to join! They will be able to access training materials, complete training, and get notified when changes happen.
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