Our Story

Yelli started as an idea in early 2019. Our founder, Danielle, was working as a waitress in Los Angeles. Having worked in restaurants across the country since she was a teenager, she was used to adapting to new venues; from diners to fine-dining, and everything in between.

With a natural knack for organization, Danielle would often head the training programs for both new hires and veteran employees. She noticed a pattern of chaos, disorganization, and lack of communication that seemed to come hand in hand with traditional training systems, no matter how "fancy" the venue or how many resources they had. She felt that there must be a tool that both managers, and more importantly, the servers and bartenders could use to bridge the gap between them.

A few weeks of research later, she realized that no such thing existed, so she got to work creating Yelli. After each screen had been sketched out on paper, she hired a development team to start coding Yelli, while she continued to wait tables. Danielle used this time to more thoroughly understand the issues that restaurant workers face, and how she could make their lives better, simpler, and more lucrative. After all, servers and bartenders are the money makers of a restaurant, right?

Today, Yelli remains a small business with headquarters in Los Angeles. We remain committed to a different approach, one that can help restaurant owners, managers, and staff members reach their goals together. We also believe in transparent communication, which is why we encourage you to call us, even if you just want to chat about Yelli. Seriously, call us 323-248-1345.