Created by a waitress

Yelli is designed to make life better for restaurant workers. Our easy-to-navigate web and mobile app gives your team the information they need to get the job done right.
Yelli For Managers & Owners

Manage your restaurant with ease & simplicity.

Organized Training Material
From uniform requirements and table numbers, to allergy guidelines and safety policies. Everything your team needs to know, all in one place.
Instant Team Updates
Eliminate the need for pre-shift meetings and messy white boards! Anytime you update material in Yelli, your team members will be notified and prompted to review the changes.
Custom Training Schedules
Don’t over complicate your training - Yelli gives new hires a day-by-day guide to follow so they can feel confident that they have the tools they need to be successful.
Employee Profiles and Test Results
Employee profiles let you easily view individual training status and test results. See which days of training have been completed, instantly graded test scores, and more.
Yelli For Team Members

Know exactly how to rock every shift.

Menu Flashcards
Learning food and drink menus is simple with Yelli flashcards. Master the details of each item so you can stay out of the weeds during your shift.
Product and Procedure Updates
Working in a restaurant means knowing when details change - and there are a lot of details! Yelli notifies you when products or procedures are updated so that you can stay in the loop.
Simplified New-Hire Training
Training for a new job has never been simpler. Day-by-day checklists are assigned to you based on your job role, making training objectives crystal clear. 
Custom Profile and Training Status
Navigate to your profile page to see your test scores, training completion status, and see any messages from your team members.

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