YelliApp Features

YelliApp gives your team everything they need to do their job, and gives you everything you need to manage them.

The first of its kind, YelliApp was designed by a waitress who saw a need for simple, straightforward training and communication exclusively for restaurants. Build custom training schedules, track employee test results, and keep everyone up to date in real-time.

Our customers see lower turnover rates and improved staff performance by giving their team the tools needed to do the job right. Start simplifying your restaurant with YelliApp today!
Adding a new dish to your menu?
YelliApp notifies your entire team instantly
New employee joining your team?
YelliApp automatically assigns and tracks their training
Just need to get everyone organized?
YelliApp organizes the details so no one misses a beat


Reduce the need for daily team briefings and repetitive messaging. YelliApp gives you the ability to communicate with your team in real-time.

We know that things can change quickly, so how can you efficiently communicate with your team to set them up for a successful shift? With YelliApp, your team can check in before work to make sure they know every detail. Their jobs become easier, and your customers benefit.

Key Communication Features
  • Instant notifications alert your team of menu changes so they can accurately inform guests.
  • Individual, group, and all-staff messaging ensure clear and consistent communication on one platform.
  • Any updates or changes will automatically be sent to your entire staff, keeping everyone up-to-date.


YelliApp simplifies the training process, both for new hires and veteran employees. In an industry with high turnover, we understand how much of an asset good training is to your business.

YelliApp tracks employee training status and stores their test results, helping you hold your team accountable. Issue tests with just a few clicks, saving your managers time.

Key Training Features
  • Build training schedules for new employees to follow. Once onboarded, they are automatically assigned their training.
  • Menu tests are created for you - simply issue them to individuals, groups of employees, or everyone on the team.
  • Create custom tests to cover any topic you need. YelliApp automatically grades them and notifies you to review the results.


YelliApp allows you to store and update everything your team needs to know, from menu details to uniform guidelines. Details can change quickly, YelliApp makes sure everyone is prepared.

A place for everything - table layout, uniform guidelines, special event calendar, sidework checklists, and more. Everything you need to be organized, nothing you don't.

Key Organization Features
  • Your menu items are automatically organized into flashcard decks for easy learning and reference.
  • Role-specific Steps of Service are outlined in detail to help your team perform efficiently, and lower their stress.
  • House policies and guidelines are easily accessible anytime, any place. Have a question about COVID-19 protocol? Check YelliApp.

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