November 22, 2022

Server Tips: 3 Tips To Help You Crush It On Valentines Day

In this article: 3 tips to help waitstaff be successful during a busy Valentines Day service.

Valentine's Day is here! For all of us working in the restaurant industry, we know this as one of our busiest weeks of the year, and we brace ourselves as if we are going into battle.

Pre-fixe menus, champagne specials, overbooked reservations and long wait times are part of the typical VDay madness. If you are new to the industry, the first few years of working this holiday serve as a crash course in what to do when s**t really hits the fan (because it will).

I want to share a few tips and tricks for servers that can help a Valentines Day shift go smoothly. The key is to remember that you are mostly going to be waiting on couples. Understanding their expectations and how to go above and beyond them in a few simple ways can really change the entire experience for everyone.

Tip 1: Prepare obsessively before your shift starts

This one can really apply to any day that you know is going to be wildly busy. Set yourself up for success by making sure you are prepared both physically and mentally.

Physical preparedness

Make sure to take a nap or sleep in if possible, eat a good meal, and give yourself plenty of time to get ready for work. Maybe put a little extra makeup on or put some product in your hair. For some reason getting in the weeds doesn’t seem to happen as often when you feel good and look good!

Mental preparedness

Make sure to mentally prepare yourself for a busy night. Do you know the specials? Are there rules or new procedures you need to follow? Did you check the 86’s items list? Most likely your managers will have a lengthy pre-shift before a busy night like Valentines Day. Make sure you pay attention, ask questions if you need clarification, and take notes to keep handy. 

The idea behind prepping is to feel extremely confident throughout the shift. Whatever you need to do to feel clear, confident and ready to make some money…well, make sure you do it!

Tip 2: Know who your clientele is

Whether you are working at a high end steakhouse or Olive Garden, the clientele that you are going to be serving on Valentine's Day is the same: Couples! 

Having a section of 2-tops can make your work a bit easier, but remember that on Valentine's Day each of your tables is expecting their experience to be the best they’ve ever had. 

When you greet a couple, be sure to acknowledge the holiday and welcome them warmly. Make each interaction personal, being careful to not just dump a ton of information on them because you’re so busy. Let the conversation flow naturally, listening to them and making mental notes of what you think they might need or want. 

If they are a new couple, you might feel their discomfort or awkwardness at first. Dating is hard! Instead of feeding off of that energy, try to break the ice by being warm, helpful, and not too stuffy. Once people are comfortable in their environment things always go more smoothly; and they will appreciate you for being more than just a server!

One last note on clientele: Seasonal Diners

Seasonal diners are people who go out to eat on holidays and don't go out to eat regularly, so they are less accustomed to the norms that come with dining out. Have patience and impress them by helping them out! Instead of getting frustrated, explain things in a friendly manner that makes them feel more comfortable. You won’t win all of these battles, but you may be impressed at how often the dynamic shifts when your attitude does.

Tip 3: Turn on the performance

Remember that you are on stage! Again, this can be helpful for any shift, but I have found that on a holiday like Valentine’s Day, giving your guests the idea that you are really going above and beyond is crucial.

I’m not saying that you should start singing and dancing mid-shift, or even that you should be “acting” at all. All I mean by “performing” is that you are putting your all into making sure you hit your marks for each table throughout the shift. Of course some days this is easier said than done, so be gentle with yourself if turning it “on” is a challenge for you. 

Holiday diners love a server who makes them feel extra special. Your goal should be to make every table feel like they are the only ones in your section. Do this and even your grumpiest customers will find a reason to smile (and give you a generous tip!)

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Remember that Valentine's Day is all about showing the love! Although it can be stressful at times, reminding your customers, coworkers and yourself that we are all here to celebrate love can help take the pressure off. 

I hope that these tips and tricks can give you an extra boost of confidence to go crush it this Valentines Day. Practice makes perfect, and before you know it you will be looking forward to busy holidays because you know exactly how to handle them.

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