The Simple Solution

Yelli gives you one shockingly user-friendly platform for all of your communication, training, and organizational needs. Simply enter your information, invite your team members to join, then Yelli takes care of the rest.
Adding a new dish to your menu, or updating your wine list?
Yelli notifies your team instantly.
New employee joining your team?
Yelli automatically assigns the training they need, and tracks their progress.
Special event happening, or new safety guidelines to follow?
Yelli sends an alert to your staff, prompting them to review the details.


Yelli allows you to easily store and update everything your team needs to know, from menu details to uniform guidelines. Details can change quickly, Yelli makes sure everyone is prepared.

  • Food and drink menus are automatically organized into flashcard decks for staff to use as a learning tool.
  • Role-specific steps of service are outlined in detail to help your team perform efficiently, and lower their stress.
  • Create or upload Health and Safety Guidelines, and your team will instantly be alerted to review them
A place for everything - table layout, uniform guidelines, special event calendar, sidework checklists, and more. Everything you need to be organized, nothing you don't.


Yelli has simplified the training process, both for new hires and veteran employees.

  • Build role-specific schedules for new hires to follow during their training.
  • Improve staff knowledge with comprehensive food and drink tests that are automatically created and easy to track.
  • Custom multiple choice tests are easy to create, and Yelli automatically grades them for you to review.

Yelli also tracks employee training status and stores their test results, helping you hold your team accountable. Issue tests with just a few clicks, saving your managers time and headaches.


Reduce the need for daily team briefings and repetitive messaging. Yelli gives you the ability to communicate with your team in real-time.

  • Instant notifications alert your team immediately of menu changes so they can accurately inform guests.
  • Get the message out quickly with a bulletin feature that allows managers message the entire team with one click.
  • Make the lives of your employees easier by giving them one platform to find everything they need.

Your team will also be notified any time you modify any service or uniform guidelines, schedule a new special event, or update their sidework duties or health and safety protocols. How easy is that?